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"Why do they call it Vets day?"

"That's what they call you after you made your big choice in life when you were 3 to become a girl, so that's why they call you a Vet!"

"But it's really on Monday! Why do they say it's today?"

"Because they don't really know what day it is. And the Veterinarian that cut your dick off decided to say it happened on Monday, no matter when you did it! That's why they study so hard to become bad psychologists! Maybe if they'd gone to a trade school and studied something relevant for more than a useless piece of paper, they could have made something honest of their lives. Even the Presidents wife has a useless piece of TP saying she's a doctor! Can you imagine?"

"It was the most important thing I'll ever do in my life!"

"Yes, sadly it's true, but we couldn't stop it, and besides the President came to you in a nightmare and said to do it or ELSE he'll take you behind the gymnasium and teach you a lesson you'd never forget! Maybe even make you eat his wife while he watches, and has you lick his hairy leg!"

"Put down your knife and bomb Sue, we need to go see your Vet shrink now. She want's to get you a snug fitting casket for this momentous occasion! She cut her own dick off to spite her face! You know when she gets mad she picks up her smoldering car and tosses it like a shotput. She's still pissed that she can't charge it anywhere except Alaska and one time at home a month. When she tried to charge it at home last time it caught fire and burned her house down last year, remember? Oh Sue, you were much better off as a boy, even Johnny Cash thought so, but then it made his head Hurt, so he had his casket shut with Nine Inch Nails out of total respect!"

NMT - New Member Thread, a Must Read, click here!!! - Information For New and Veteran Members.
Contains SITE RULES, how to enter required bike information in your signature, thread and picture posting...
Also some important DOHC wrenching tips, and some other information, shop manuals.
Kindly read this linked thread with the rules before posting
pictures or asking lots of questions that are already answered in it.

81 CB900C, 83 CB1000C. 
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